Februar 03, 2019

The End of this Blog

Ok all, I decided to put my Scrapblog and my Tagblog together and I will not longer post on this One,
just on my "Scrapblog", which You find

Since i am no longer CT for other and i don´t write any Tutorials more i think it´s easier to use just one Blog, mostly I use my own Scrapkits, so i can advertise there too.

I hope You understand and we see us on the other "Side"^^ ;)

Februar 01, 2019

Cervena Devil

Made this Tag using the cool Tube by Célinart Pinup,
which You can find HERE,

the always great Animation by Réne Kunert,
which You find HERE

and my "Devils Denise" Scrapkit,
which You find HERE

-click on the Image to have a better look-
-sorry for the Quality, it´s Blogger´s Fault, not mine-


Januar 07, 2019

ColdBlack Tag

I just made a Tag using my "Cold Black" Scrapkit,
which You can find HERE

and a wonderful Tube from ©trinita www.PisForDesign.com,
which You can find HERE

(click on the Tag to see Fullsize)

Dezember 24, 2018

Xmas Candy Tag

Made this sweet Tag using my Xmas Candy Kit
(find it at Hanias Design Store or Mystical Scraps)
and one of the matching Tubes from Xeracx from Hanias Design Store

You can snag the Xmas Tag when You want but don´t alter it

November 20, 2018

A bit Los Muertos Cluster - Tags

I played a bit with my "A bit Los Muertos Clusterpack",
which You can buy HERE or HERE
and the Animation Package 29 from René,
which You can buy HERE
The Tubes are ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith
which You can buy at CDO