November 20, 2018

A bit Los Muertos Cluster - Tags

I played a bit with my "A bit Los Muertos Clusterpack",
which You can buy HERE or HERE
and the Animation Package 29 from René,
which You can buy HERE
The Tubes are ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith
which You can buy at CDO

November 18, 2018

Mushroom Queen Tag

I made a Tag using a Scrapkit/Tube/Clusterframe - Bundle from Hania´s Designs
(Yes, not my Scrapkit, but I LOVE this Bundle)
The Bundle You can find HERE at Hania´s Designs

The Animations (both) are from the dear René 
The Left one You find HERE and the other (on the Stool) HERE

November 04, 2018

I hate Mondays Tag

Do You hate Mondays too?^^

Made this Tag using my "Are You Grumpy" Kit,
which You can get HERE,
a cool Tube from picsfordesign (was an Exclusive Club Tube),
which is ©Alfadesire
and a great Ani from Art of René Kunert,
which You find HERE


Oktober 25, 2018

Asylum Park Tag

I made a Tag with my Scrapkit "Asylum Park",
which You can find HERE
(The Tube I used is included in the Kit)

The cool Animation is from the great René Kunert
and You can get it HERE

Sorry for the Quality, but it´s from uploading here
(No Idea why but Blogger won´t let me post from a URL)