April 02, 2012

Wicked little Cupcake Tutorial

I made this Tut using PSP XI ,

but I think it can be made with another Versions too.


You'll need for this Tut:

The PTU Kit "Wicked Little Cupcake" from TK Dezigns

1 Tube, the one i use is
©Amy Brown www.amybrownart.com

both You can buy here http://www.cdoestore.com/

You can only use the Tube with a License Number

The Mask WSL_Mask116 from http://weescotslasscreations.blogspot.com/

*Thank You Hun*


So let us begin ;)

At first Three Things:

After rezising you have to sharpen, so i don't need to write it all time ;)

But when we have to rotate it will be sharpen after rotating ;)

At all elements i put a Dropshadow, which you want to use or if you want to use is your turn, i don't write it in the Tut,

so if you want a Dropshadow feel free to use your own ;)

I used this Drop Shadow 2 / 2 / 100 / 6 / Black

C/P means Copy / Paste ;)

- New Image 450 x 500 - Fill with White - Open Mask and minimize

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-frame1 as new Layer - Rezise 55% - Rotate Free 80 Left - move a bit to the Right - Click with the Magic Wand in the Frames - Selections expand to 5 - New Rasterlayer - C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-paper1 in the Selection - Keep the Selection - Layer under Frame Layer.

- C/P Your Tube as new Layer and put it in the Frames - move till You like it - Invert the Selection - Delete - Selections None - Layer under Frame Layer - Layer Prperties on Hard Light.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-frame3 as new Layer - Rezise 50% - place above on the other Frame - Duplicate - Layer under BG from frame1 Layer - Click with the Magic Wand in the Frame (also the duplicated) - Selections Expand to 5 - C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-paper9 as new Layer - Invert the Selection - Delete - Selections None - Layer under Frame Layer - activate the upper Frame Layer and erase with the Rubber the below Part on the other Frame.

- C/P Your Tube again and place it on/at the Left Side on the Frames.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-wordart3 as new Layer - Rezise 40% - Rotate Free 12 Left - with the pin on the Right below Side on the upper (round) frame (I used Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow - fat on this).

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element4 as new Layer - Rezise 35% - below on the Right Side on / at the frame1.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element1 as new Layer - Rezise 35% - with below Part on the Cupcake - Layer under BG from frame1 Layer - duplicate - Flip Vertical - move a bit up and to the Right.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element12 as new Layer - Rezise 45% - below on the Left on the Tube / frame1 - Layer under frame1 Layer.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element2 as new Layer - Rezise 30% - Rotate Free 12 Left - place on the Flower (on the Left Side) - Layer under Tube Layer.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element13 as new Layer - Rezise 40% - below on the Left on the Bottle / Tube and so - Layer under Tube Layer.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element14 as new Layer - Rezise 40% - below on the other Ribbon - Layer under Tube Layer.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element17 as new Layer - Rezise 50% - Flip and place below on the Ribbons / Cupcake and so - Layer under Bottle Layer.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element6 as new Layer - Rezise 40% - on the below Right Side at / on the Cupacke.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element11 as new Layer - Rezise 20% - below on the Left on the first Ribbon (element13) - Duplicate - Flip and place above on the Strawberry - Layer under Cupcake Layer.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element19 as new Layer - Rezise 35% - Rotate Free 12 Right - above on the Right on the Round Frame.

- C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-element16b as new Layer - Rezise 25% - Rotate Free 12 Right - place on the Left Thorns - Layer under Tube Layer.

- I added a few Elements to the Tag which comes with the Tube I used.

- Crop Your Image so that You have not too much white Place on the Sides, but leave a bit white Space cause we have to ad the BG with Mask now ;)

- Activate the white BG Layer - Selections All - New Rasterlayer - C/P ScrapTK_WickedLittleCupcake-paper5 in the Selection - Selections - None - New Masklayer from Image - WSL_Mask - Merge down Group - Duplicate - on below Paper Layer - adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 5.

- Put your Text or Name on the Tag and type the Copyright on it.

(Don't forget the License Number when use a Tube which need one).

Save as png or jpg and you are finished with the Tag.


I hope you liked it,

if there is something wrong or you didn't understand something

feel free to send me an Email


I think there are Tutorials look like this,

but this Tutorial i have not copied somewhere,

i have written it self and it's mine!!!

© by Schnegge

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